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Sales Enablement Process

Your aim is to close the sales deal that your company depends on.

Begin Process

Sales Pipeline Begin

You have established a connection with a prospect who can make a huge impact on your sales revenue if the deal is closed.

Procurement Process

Third Party Risk Management Process

A key step in the process is Information Security and Compliance phase. 

Our tailored solution includes:
Information Security and Compliance requirements for HIPAA/HiTrust, SOC2, ISO 27001 compliance programs.

Close the Deal

Sales Deal Complete

The customer has cleared all the checks needed to sign the deal. The deal is signed.

Cyber Risk Management

Depending on what vertical you are and what type of data you have, your strategy matters.

Self Assessment with industry standard policies, standards and procedures


SOC2 Audit


Continuously Improved Compliance with Risk Assessment, Analysis and Remediation


HITRUST Certification



  • Are you wondering what you need for HIPAA Compliance?

  • Are you considering HiTrust Certification for your company or software product?

  • Let us help you answer your questions for a quick 1 hour consultation.

SOC 2 Attestation Query

  • Your customer is demanding SOC 2 Attestation. You do not know where to begin.

  • SOC2 attestation can be
    combined with SOC1 
    and SOC3 efforts

  • Let us help you get started with a 1 hour consultation.

ISO 27001 One Hour Consultation

  • You have an International Organization. Your customers are demanding that you get ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Let us help you understand the ISO 27001 Process with a 1 hour consultation.


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